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Free Services for VOM Participants   Registration required

Why Register? We are planning a number of services for VOM participants. We're still in this development and some sections are ready to go, others are in development or on the drawing board. Specifically planned services are as follows:

1) Absentee Posting - Now Available
This section was created to enhance the VOM experience for those of us that have difficulty being available on VOM Sunday. No longer do you have to rush around to find someone you trust to make the post on your behalf, this section provides that ability.
2) Music Hosting - Now Available
This section is intended as a web based location for VOMers to put their music files for VOM like purposes. It has a quick, easy to use web based upload utility and embedded play back capabilities in streaming mode. Automatically included to all registered VOM participants.
3) E-mail Notices - Now Available
This section is intended to be used for the purpose of e-mail notification concerning VOM events. Some of us don't live on the HC and therefore might miss upcoming sessions as well as other VOM related happenings and this service speaks to that issue. It's secondary purpose is to provide a means for us all to remain in touch in the unlikely event that the HC goes down for any unforeseen reasons.
4) Link Correction of past VOMs - Now Available
This section allows registered VOM participants to update the links to any of their previous VOM session submissions. Many old links are now dead links due to a number of reasons such as free hosting services closing down at Putfile and Soundlantern. This tool allows you to upload your material anywhere you like and then go into the VOM archive and put a new link to it in previous sessions thereby fixing those dead links for your work.
5) Artist Sites- Coming Shortly
This section will be oriented in support of participating VOM performers. The archive site will provide web space to allow VOM participants to create their own web page. These pages will be similar in scope to services such as MySpace or YouTube and are intended to be used as a means to provide some web awareness for our participants. This, of course, helps with web exposure and boosts search engine awareness of your web presence. Just another thank you for participating in the HC Acoustic Guitar forum's Open Mic.

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